10 Sep 2021

CAA delivers presentation at Metal Expert 14th CIS Coal Market conference in Istanbul

Contemporary Analytical Agency (CAA) participated as one of the sponsors in the 14th CIS Coal Market conference, hosted by Metal Expert in Istanbul on September 09-10, 2021. More than 100 delegates from 22 countries took part in the event, where the entire coal supply chain from suppliers to consumers was represented by coal, power, cement […]

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30 Jun 2021

Перспективы российского угольного экспорта на рынок АТР в 2021-2024 гг.

Журнал “Уголь”, Июнь 2021 ЗНАЧЕНИЕ ЭКСПОРТА ДЛЯ РОССИЙСКОЙ УГОЛЬНОЙ ОТРАСЛИ Угольная энергетика остается крупнейшей отраслью мировой экономики. Приблизительно четверть вырабатываемой электроэнергии в мире производится на основе угля. Россия является одним из крупнейших поставщиков угля на мировом рынке, уступая по объемам лишь Индонезии и Австралии. С 2000 по 2020 г. российский экспорт угля увеличился в 5,7 […]

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27 May 2021

CAA (Contemporary Analytical Agency) sponsors the international conference “Argus Coal Russia – 2021. CIS and Global Markets”, held on May 27 in Moscow.

The conference was attended by representatives of over 200 companies from 16 countries. The program covered the potential coal demand recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, changes in trade flows and the strengthening of Russia’s position in the APAC region. Experts also discussed the development and modernization of the Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM) and the Trans-Siberian Railway […]

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18 Sep 2020

Профессиональная аналитика – залог успешного выхода угольных компаний из кризиса.

Журнал “Уголь”, Сентябрь 2020 Мировой энергетический кризис, вызванный пандемией Covid-19, затронул и угольную отрасль. Сейчас, когда компании нащупывают пути выхода из этой тяжелой ситуации, наименьшие потери понесут те, кто владеет информацией, кто выстраивает наиболее грамотную стратегию на основании самых точных прогнозов. Аналитические агентства, глубоко разбирающиеся в специфике отраслей по добыче полезных ископаемых и их логистике, […]

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8 Jul 2020

Recession hits Russian coal industry

Despite optimistic forecasts of the Russian government on expected growth of Russian coal production and exports in 2020, the data for H1 2020 so far indicate a reverse trend. Russian coal production plummeted to 194.2 mio t (-20.7 mio t or -9.6% y-o-y) in H1 2020. Meanwhile, according to preliminary estimates, in January-June 2020 Russian […]

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4 Jun 2020

BREAKING NEWS: Coal supplies to Murmansk port halted until 2021 due to rail bridge collapse

On June 01, the port of Murmansk, located in Kola Bay of the Barents Sea, was cut off from the railway network as a result of railway bridge over the Kola river collapse, which threatens losses both to port operators and suppliers. The head of Russian Railways, Oleg Belozerov, who arrived to Murmansk, instructed the […]

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20 Feb 2020

CAA Contemporary Analytical Agency at Argus conference in Moscow

CAA took part in the International Conference “Argus Coal Market of Russia 2020”, which was held on February 20 in Moscow. The event was attended by more than 150 participants from 20 countries, including Russia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, China, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Switzerland and others. The conference was sponsored by KRU Overseas, one of […]

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20 Dec 2019

Contemporary Analytical Agency – Unique Project in Consulting and Commodity Markets Analytics

Coal Magazine, December 2019 Today Russian market faces an acute shortage of companies, providing professional advice on the specifics of the mining industry and its logistics in global markets. Contemporary Analytical Agency (CAA), a professional consulting company, which dwells in specifics of raw materials production and exports, trading and logistics has been established to offer […]

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22 Oct 2019

CAA participates as Bronze Sponsor in Coaltrans World Coal Leaders Network

CAA (Contemporary Analytical Agency) took part as the Bronze sponsor and the Sponsor of the Networking coffee break in The World Coal Leaders Network, held on October 20-22, 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal. The event was attended by over 350 representatives from major companies and organizations of the global coal supply chain, including producers, suppliers, traders […]

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