Ukraine’s coal imports up 17% in H1 2021 (July 21, 2021)

In January-June 2021, Ukraine’s coal imports surged to 10.1 mio t (+1.5 mio t or +17% y-o-y). Ukraine received 7.1 mio t or 70% of its coal imports from Russia, 1.9 mio t or 18% from Kazakhstan and 1.1 mio t or 12% from the US.

In June-July 2021, heat waves in Ukraine boosted coal-fired generation and over the past 30 days decreased coal stocks at power plants to 1.3 mio t as of July 15 (-0.1 mio t to June 15, 2021). On December 16, 2020, Ukraine prolonged 65% duty on coal imports from Russia until the end of 2021. The duty was not imposed on imports of anthracite and coking coal, the two types of coal that Ukraine facing shortage. In 2020, Ukraine imported 17 mio t of coal (-20% to 2019).

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