Ukraine’s coal imports up 15% in Jan-Nov 2021

In January-November 2021, Ukraine’s coal imports surged to 17.7 mio t (+2.3 mio t or +15% y-o-y).

Ukraine received 13.2 mio t or 75% of its coal imports from Russia, 3.0 mio t or 17% from Kazakhstan and 1.5 mio t or 8% from the US.

On June 15, 2021, the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy called on coal-fired local power plants to boost coal imports to accumulate over 3.0 mio t of coal in stocks in the run-up to heating season. Currently, coal reserves at Ukrainian power plants remain at a critically low level of 0.45 million tons (+0.02 mio t or +5% to 15.11.2021), which is almost 2.5 mio t less than the volumes scheduled by the energy ministry. As a result of the heat wave in Ukraine this summer, local generating companies increased their coal consumption, which led to a reduction in inventories in the country.

In 2020, Ukraine imported 17 mio t of coal (-4.1 mio t or -20% to 2019).

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