Coal production in Kuzbass up 10% in Jan-Dec 2021

Under the Ministry of Coal Industry of Kuzbass, in January-December 2021 coal mining enterprises in Kuzbass produced 243.1 mio t of coal (+22.4 mio t or +10.1% to January-December 2020). The production of coking coal during this period decreased to 71.7 mio t (-2.8 mio t or -3.8% y-o-y), whereas thermal coal extraction volumes amounted to 171.4 mio t (+25.2 mio t or +17.2% y-o-y).

Coal companies produced 156.0 mio t (+16.7 mio t or +12.0% y-o-y) at open-pit mines and 87.1 mio t (+5.7 mio t or +7.0% y-o-y) through underground mining.

In December 2021, 16.9 mio t of coal were delivered to end-users, including 11.4 mio t (-0.3 mio t or -2.6% y-o-y) for export, 2.8 mio t (flat y-o-y) to Russian metallurgical companies and 1.3 mio t (+0.1 mio t or +8.3% y-o-y) to local coal-fired power plants.

As of January 01, 2021, coal stocks in Kuzbass totaled 17.2 mio t (+1.0 mio t or +5.5% to January 01, 2020).

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