Long-term prospects: view from Vostochny Port

According to recent outlooks made by industry experts, the global coal market is expected to remain stable in terms of demand, which may even show a moderate increase in 2025-2030. Such a development will have a positive impact on the Russian coal industry. In the Far East, represented by the Vanino-Sovgavansky transport hub and the ports located in the Primorsky region, coal shipments have been growing in January – February 2022, because the BAM and Trans-Siberian Railway modernization program is being implemented and Russian Railways is taking measures to increase the capacity of the railway network by expanding the Eastern range and creating a modern port infrastructure in the Far Eastern Federal District. JSC Vostochny Port, simultaneously with Russian Railways, is fulfilling its role under the decree of the president by increasing its own capacities.

Today, the company is the largest specialized terminal in Russia with high-tech coal transshipment infrastructure. The stevedoring company handles coal from various Russian producers for export. The port’s transshipment volume in 2021 amounted to 26.57 mio t of coal.

In early September 2019, the Third stage of the specialized coal terminal was put into operation, boosting the transshipment capacity further up to 50-55 mio t per year. The largest private investment port project worth more than 40 billion RUR was built without any public funding. The Third stage helped to create more than 600 highly qualified jobs and generate about 25 billion RUR tax payments until 2026.

JSC Vostochny Port is the first coal terminal in the Far East certified in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001:2015 “Environmental Management Systems. Requirements and guidelines for use”. At all stages of coal transshipment the stevedoring company applies a number of best available technologies minimizing impact of operations on the environment. This combination of technologies is unique in Russia and globally. In particular, they include covered railcar dumpers, covered conveyor lines and transfer stations with aspiration systems, as well as shiploaders equipped with a local and all-weather coal spraying system ensuring dustproof loading of coal into ship holds. The environmental safety of the company is also ensured by a special facility which sprays coal piles with water cannons and snow generators. Metal windscreens up to 23 meters high and with a total length of up to 3 kilometers are installed along the territory of the terminal. Today these are the largest wall structures in the Far East.

Today Vostochny Port JSC, which plans to increase its capacity, is one of the most advanced enterprises in the industry. At the beginning of this year, the Glavgosexpertiza of Russia approved the design documentation and the results of engineering surveys for the reconstruction of the berths. After implementation of the project on construction of new cargo berths, the annual capacity of the enterprise is expected to grow to about 70 mio t, – Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Vostochny, Port Petr Yamov noted.

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